Everyone loves Stories

Simple creation of your NowStory presentations using our computer downloadable I-LIVE-ON.Creator App for family & friends entertainment through:

Now!-Slideshow viewing –> NowStory Player App

Virtual Reality viewing –> VR-Theater Player App

Internet viewing –> LifeStory Service Digital Time Capsule



The System enables you to easily produce your own NowStory presentations from your existing Computer files using our I-LIVE-ON.Creator App.

The I-LIVE-ON.Creator App enables you to easily assemble existing file information from your Computer, and then quickly guides you through the collection of your materials with ease and no hassle.

The I-LIVE-ON.Creator App creates a NowStory that can be viewed on your Computer. Your NowStory can then be uploaded to your designated Google-Drive storage or saved on your Computer, for future hand-off to the I-LIVE-ON.Backend for processing, archive & display; should you wish to proceed with a I-LIVE-ON.LifeStory Service.

Alternatively, your NowStory can be saved to your Computer for sharing with your family & friends and viewed via either the free I-LIVE-ON.NowStory or the I-LIVE-ON.VR-Theater Player Apps. Subscription or One Time Payment (OTP) options are available.


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