If you proceed with ordering a I-LIVE-ON.Subscription Service, then your Life Story will be published as a sub-directory page within this “Who am I?” webpage.


I-LIVE-ON plans there to be millions of Customers available to be viewed and searched

within this webpage over the centuries.


I-LIVE-ON are offering the following Services:

Free downloadable I-LIVE-ON.App – which is available to download; and

I-LIVE-ON.Presentation Services which may be produced by the I-LIVE-ON.App; and

[FUTURE FEATURE] I-LIVE-ON.Subscription Services which shall be developed and made available in the near future, which shall comprise the storage and the ability to access the Customer’s I-LIVE-ON.Presentation that is published on the Customers designated webpage within I-LIVE-ON.Com for a period of 1 or more years. Service Term will be progressively increased beyond 1 Year.