People of all ages who just want an “easy to use” NowStory creator.

Internet savvy baby boomers who are just now entering retirement, and wish to assemble their LifeStory.

Adults who wish to help assemble the LifeStory of their aging parents.

Parents of their children who wish to easily capture the key moments of their life – just as you take a record of their height on the door post.

People who are interested in ancestry investigations and realize that I-LIVE-ON will leave a record of their life, so that in say 100 years time, when a future descendant decides to do their ancestral investigation – that a record of your life will exist that can be easily accessed.

I-LIVE-ON will also enable all of our Target Market segments to pass their LifeStory onto future generations. I-LIVE-ON is for all age groups, starting from Day One of their life.