Introduction (July 8th 2021)

Your journey with I-LIVE-ON starts at the moment you were born. You are the author, director, and actor of your own Life Story. Your first word, first step, first achievement and your whole life review will never be lost.

Those rustic yellowing old photos, your favorite books, movies and music, and even your very private thoughts, struggles and challenges will no longer remain unknown to those who want to know where they came from.

How many people know their grandparents or great-grandparents names, their lives, and their roots? I-LIVE-ON is the vehicle that carries you through to your destination to leave a precious future gift for you, your family, and on and on.

With the I-LIVE-ON.System you will know that your authentic story will be stored, readily accessible and able to be retold in the manner that you want it presented.

Over 117 Billion people have lived through history, and yet only an estimated ~10 Million prominent people are known by name today. As a result, significant wisdom and knowledge has been lost from the vast human collective of the last 50,000 years. I-LIVE-ON will dramatically change this, as a new business – in this untouched Internet category.

How do you make your Life Story live on forever – in a structured manner, so that it can be remembered for centuries into the future? How does your information “stay fresh”, and be searchable and readable on future successor Internets? No other entity has thought of how to solve the problems of information persistence for the eons – until now.

I-LIVE-ON is a Gift for the Future.

Our vision is for the I-LIVE-ON.System to become the vehicle that carries you forward to easily create, store, and display your Life Story for hundreds of years into the future.

I-LIVE-ON is timely for Internet savvy baby boomers who are just now entering retirement, and wish to assemble their Life Story, OR who wish to help assemble the Life Story of their aging parents, OR for the parents of their child who wish to capture the key moments of their life – just as you take a record of their height on the door post.  I-LIVE-ON will allow them all to pass their Life Story details to their future generations.

The I-LIVE-ON.System provides a free downloadable Desktop I-LIVE-ON.App (to your PC / Mac) available from I-LIVE-ON.Com. The I-LIVE-ON.App enables you to gather the information associated with your Life Story using our easy-to-use “all in one” App, which guides you through the collection of your information. Your Life Story will then be uploaded to your designated free Google-Drive storage, ready to be accessed by the I-LIVE-ON.System, should you wish to proceed with a I-LIVE-ON.Subscription Service.


  • An overall system that enables you to upload to the Internet via the I-LIVE-ON.System your information about your life, in your way – to tell your Life Story;
  • A distributed secure system that initially resides on your Computer – accessible only by you;
  • Enables storage of your information, such as Personal Records & Letters, Life Thoughts, Message for your Future Descendants, Career, Photos, Personal History, Music, Poetry, DNA-data and Family Tree data etc. – available for future successor Internet’s;
  • Provides flexibility by allowing you to progressively build your Life Story, and to provide public / private access to family & friends vs the general public;
  • Future proofs your On-line Life Story, and guarantees it will be fresh and “readable”;
  • Provides you with your I-LIVE-ON.Presentation that will be guaranteed to remain available On-line in Internet cyberspace for centuries to come;
  • Creates a legacy, via passing on your Life Story details to future generations;
  • Solves the problem wherein social media websites are not fit for purpose for storage and presentation of your Life Story in a format that will last the Long-Term eons.

Note 1: The I-LIVE-ON.System has been submitted to the USPTO – Patent Pending.

Note 2: Initially the I-LIVE-ON.App and I-LIVE-ON.Presentation Services are operational, with  I-LIVE-ON.Subscription Services under development for our Customers. Please send us an email to if you would like to go on our waitlist and be provided with status updates.