I-LIVE-ON CORPORATION is a BIG Picture initiative.

However, big ideas take practical “boots on the ground” Infrastructure, Apps, Products and Services that Customers use and love. The following describes some component parts of the overall I-LIVE-ON.System that have been developed that pragmatically prioritized, developed and implemented by the people of I-LIVE-ON CORPORATION.


The I-LIVE-ON.System provides a Computer downloadable I-LIVE-ON.Creator App for your Windows PC Desktop / Laptop or MAC Desktop / Notebook or other computing device (such as an Oculus VR Headset).

The I-LIVE-ON.Creator App enables you to easily point to your existing file information from your Computer. The easy-to-use Creator App then quickly guides you through the collection of your information with ease and no hassle.

The I-LIVE-ON.Creator App then assembles and creates a NowStory that can be viewed on your Computer. Your NowStory can then be uploaded to your designated Google-Drive storage or saved on your Computer, for future hand-off to the I-LIVE-ON.Backend for processing, storage & display; should you wish to proceed with a I-LIVE-ON.LifeStory Service.

Alternatively, your NowStory can be saved to your Computer for sharing with your family & friends and viewed by either the free I-LIVE-ON.NowStory or the I-LIVE-ON.VR-Theater Player Apps. Subscription or One Time Payment (OTP) options are available.

Our I-LIVE-ON.Backend comprises components from Shopify, AWS, Unity and other service providers.

I-LIVE-ON CORPORATION is a United States of America Corporation, incorporated in Delaware State, headquartered in the US, and operating according to US laws. Our Delaware Incorporation File Number is 6631990.