Q1. What Free Services are available?

A1. The I-LIVE-ON.App – which enables our Customers to create their Life Story, PLUS the I-LIVE-ON.Presentation service (using the Slideshow Format Presentation mode) – which allows Customers to review their Life Story in Presentation Mode (through the I-LIVE-ON.App). Both Services are available Free to our Customers effective Sept. 1st 2021 – refer the Free App Download webpage.

Q2. Is there a User Guide?

A2. Yes, their is a Customer Help Guide accessible from within the I-LIVE-ON.App, which provides Customer information on the various features and functionality of the I-LIVE-ON.App. The Customer Help Guide augments the “In-App” Tooltips and Helpscreens which enable Customers to easily navigate their use of the I-LIVE-ON.App.

Q3. Who are our Customers?

  • A3. There are many market segments that I-LIVE-ON will be applicable for, including:
  • Parents of children who wish to capture the key moments of their young life for their Life Story, as a Gift for the Future.
  • 30 to 40 year old Adults who wish to help assemble the Life Story of their Parents.
  • Baby Boomers who wish to assemble their Life Story, as a future Legacy for themselves, their relatives and descendants.

Q4. What future Services are planned?

A4. I-LIVE-ON.Subscription Services – will enable your Life Story to be displayed and viewable on the Internet (with the optional use of a PIN code), initially via Monthly or 1 Year subscriptions. I-LIVE-ON will also be providing the options of showing your Life Story in either I-LIVE-ON.Presentation (3D Room Reality) mode or I-LIVE-ON.Presentation (Augmented Reality) mode.

Q5. How can I share my Life Story with others?

A5. Customers will be able to enable various Privacy Options within the I-LIVE-ON.App via a PIN Code, and your Users can search for your Life Story using your Life Story Customer Profile Name. The Customer Life Story will be searchable on the Internet, and viewable as a subpage within the www.I-LIVE-ON.Com domain. Note: The I-LIVE-ON.Subscription Service will need to have been released as a prerequisite.


Sep 1st 2021 – Launch of the I-LIVE-ON Service via its Website and I-LIVE-ON.App

Sep 9th 2021 – First commercial download of the I-LIVE-ON.App