Q1. What Services are available now?

A1. The I-LIVE-ON.Presentation service (using the Slideshow Format Presentation preview mode) is available now to our Customers to create using the Creator I-LIVE-ON.App. The Service is available to our Customers effective Sept. 1st 2021 – refer the Creator I-LIVE-ON.App webpage.

Q2. Why wouldn’t I just put my pictures up on my own Website or use Facebook?

A2. The I-LIVE-ON.LifeStory Service is much much more than just your pictures. It is a collage presentation of your full LifeStory, with all your documents, videos, DNA data, spreadsheets etc. all assembled by the easy to use Creator I-LIVE-ON.App and then viewable via the I-LIVE-ON.Presentation button within the App.

Do you have a website – with its associated ongoing costs and maintenance? Is their any guarantee that your personal website will be active in 10, 25 or 100 years time? Will your LifeStory content be updated and viewable in the future for the long term? Most likely the answers are …. “No”, “No” and “No”. Using I-LIVE-ON the answers are …. “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes”.

Q3. Is there a User Guide?

A3. Yes, their is a Customer Help Guide accessible from within the Creator I-LIVE-ON.App, which provides Customer information on the various features and functionality of the I-LIVE-ON.App and the wider I-LIVE-ON.System. The Customer Help Guide augments the “In-App” Tooltips and Helpscreens which enable Customers to easily navigate the use of the Creator I-LIVE-ON.App.

Q4. Who are our Customers?

A4. There are many market segments that the I-LIVE-ON.System will be of interest and applicable for, including:

  • Parents of children who wish to capture the key moments of their young life for their LifeStory, as a Gift for the Future.
  • 30 to 40 year old Adults who wish to help assemble the LifeStory of their Parents.
  • Baby Boomers who wish to assemble their LifeStory, as a future Legacy for themselves, their relatives and descendants.

Q5. What future Services and Apps are planned?


  • Shared Slideshow
  • Virtual Reality (VR) – Theater View
  • LifeStory (1 Year Term) Internet View [Future Offering]
  • Augmented Reality (AR) [Future Offering]
  • Metaverse Injector [Future Offering]
  • LifeStory (Multi-Year Term) Internet View [Future Offering]
  • Virtual Reality (VR) – Gallery View [Future Offering]
  • PowerPoint View [Future Offering]
  • What’s App View [Future Offering]
  • You Tube Injector [Future Offering]

Q6. How can I share my I-LIVE-ON.LifeStory with others?

A6. Customers are able to enable various Privacy Options within the Creator I-LIVE-ON.App via a Passcode, and your Users can search for your I-LIVE-ON.LifeStory on the Internet using your Customer Profile Name. Your Customer I-LIVE-ON.LifeStory will be viewable as a subpage within the www.I-LIVE-ON.Com Website domain. Note: The I-LIVE-ON.LifeStory Service will need to have been released as a prerequisite.


A7. Go to our special website page at ABRAXIS CONJUNCTION, if you are up for the puzzle challenge.

Q8. What is the I-LIVE-ON.System and what can it do for me?


  • An overall System that enables you to produce and present Presentations on your Computer and later upload to the Internet via the I-LIVE-ON.System your information about your life, in your way – to tell your LifeStory;
  • A distributed secure System that initially resides on your Computer – accessible only by you, with a copy of your LifeStory stored on your Google-Drive for future hand-off to the I-LIVE-ON.System – if you decide to sign up for a I-LIVE-ON.LifeStory subscription;
  • Enables storage of your information, such as Personal Records & Letters, Life Thoughts, Message for your Future Descendants, Career, Photos, Personal History, Music, Poetry, DNA-data and Family Tree data etc. – available for future successor Internet’s;
  • Provides flexibility by allowing you to progressively build your LifeStory Presentation, and to provide public / private access to family & friends vs the general public;
  • Future proofs your On-line LifeStory, and guarantees it will be fresh and “readable”;
  • Creates a legacy, via passing on your LifeStory details to future generations;
  • Solves the problem wherein social media websites are not fit for purpose for storage and presentation of your LifeStory in a format that will last the Long-Term eons;
  • [FUTURE FEATURE] Future plans to enable your I-LIVE-ON.Presentation to remain stored as your LifeStory and available On-line in Internet cyberspace for centuries to come.


Sep 1st 2021 – Launch of the I-LIVE-ON.Presentation Service via the I-LIVE-ON.Com Website and Creator I-LIVE-ON.App

Oct 3rd 2021 – First commercial download of the Creator I-LIVE-ON.App