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Share Access to your Google-Drive Folder

If you wish to sign-up for a I-LIVE-ON.Subscription you first need to share access with I-LIVE-ON to an established Google-Drive Folder that you have previously created. The I-LIVE-ON.App can then be used to upload your Life Story into your Google-Drive Folder, as a backup vehicle and a FUTURE means to transmit your Life Story to the I-LIVE-ON.System (if your decide to proceed with a I-LIVE-ON.Subscription).

This ensures that the I-LIVE-ON.System can always access the latest updates to your Life Story, without I-LIVE-ON requiring or having any access to your Computer device directly.

The I-LIVE-ON.System Standard Customer Life Story is 2.0 GB of data – as the aim is to help you create a Life Story with quality information, not just quantity. You will need to ensure that the Google-Drive you have selected has enough space that matches the size of your Life Story.

If you do not already have an established Google-Drive @gmail account then you will need to first create one with Google before commencing the creation of your Life Story by creating a NEW Google Email / Drive Account by following these instructions:

Then when you “Upload Your Life Story” via the I-LIVE-ON.App, you will be asked to provide access to the I-LIVE-ON.App by checking the box as follows: