In Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series, there is a mathematical competition to solve the ABRAXAS CONJECTURE.

For I-LIVE-ON, we have different mathematical puzzles locked up in our I-LIVE-ON logo, and they need a solution. We have called them the ABRAXIS CONJUNCTION, as each puzzle needs to be solved on their own, and then assembled together.

Does the ABRAXAS CONJUNCTION have mathematical predictive powers for the future, all embedded in the I-LIVE-ON Logo, that will last the eons into the future?

See if you can solve the six piece-part puzzle questions below, and submit your answers to marketing[at]i-live-on[dot]com .

6. What software is available, from which the I-LIVE-ON Logo can be constructed in 2D and then turned into 3D angled at the correct vector?